Spheres of Control

Our early spring groups are coming to a close this March. It has been fun getting to know both the boys and girls in each group and seeing them strive to learn what they can apply.

One of the lessons learned was regarding spheres of control and making choices.

Sometimes it can be a relief just to realize what is outside of our sphere of control. Equally relieving is knowing when we only have partial influence over an outcome. Lastly, it can be very empowering to know what we do have control over – mainly the thoughts we chose to dwell on, the emotions we choose to foster and the actions we choose to take.

If we live with purpose in the sphere we can control, it’s amazing how content we can feel despite what we can’t.

Our late spring groups start the final weeks of March and end right around the end of school. We are looking forward to seeing more excellence in the next set of teens participating! Check out the group flyer links here:

Boys Self Regulation Group 2018

Girls Expressive Arts Group 2018

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