Physical Therapist Month – October 2018

Physical therapist are licensed healthcare professionals who are highly educated. Their roles include assisting patient in managing various conditions. They are highly skilled in helping patients reduce pain and improve daily activities such as mobility. Physical therapist educates patients on ways to prevent and/or manage their conditions (, 2018). Skills such as developing unique treatment plans, fitness, wellness, and healthier lifestyles are just some of the many attributes and expertise of the profession. Physical therapist can be found in different agency such as private practice, hospitals, fitness facilities, schools, long term care facilities, and outpatient clinic. Physical therapist go through a rigorous educational journey that are either at the masters or clinical doctorate level (, 2018).

The month of October is physical therapy month. This year the focus the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) aware winning #ChoosePT campaign is raising awareness of physical therapy as an effective, alternative, and safe way to treat chronic pain as an alternative to opioid treatment (, 2018).

Physical therapist plays a vital role in the care of patients. They are a great resource in helping rehabilitate patients back to their full potential. With the growing concern of opioid use, physical therapy is an innovative way to address chronic pain without the use of opioids.

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From: Richard Crisostomo PMHNP-BC